How and why social class inequality in education is part of injustice and diversity
Hargreaves, A (2020). Moving: a memoir of education and social mobility, Solution Tree

How does social class affect inequity and injustice? What does it mean for working class students to struggle to succeed? In this poignant and sometimes hilarious memoir of growing in a working class community, Andy Hargreaves vividly describes what it is like to live on one side of the tracks and go to school on the other, to be picked out for academic high school when your brothers and peers are not. The issues in this book are as timely today as they were decades ago and include streaming, testing, engaging and not engaging with the whole child, divided cultures of school and community, creativity v attention deficit, and the grit of defiance as well as persistence. Our schools need to be as culturally responsive to young people’s social class culture and not merely their poverty, as they are to other dimensions of diversity.

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