Digital Technology in Canadian Teacher Education Programs
Vaughn, N., & Cotnam-Kappel, M. (Eds.). (2020). Special issue on technology and teacher education. [Special Issue]. International Journal of e-Learning and Distance Education, 35(1).

This special issue of the International Journal of E-Learning and Distance Education features twelve articles about the use of digital technology in Canadian teacher education programs.  The authors of these research studies are members of the Technology and Teacher Education (TATE) special interest group of the Canadian Association of Teacher Education (CATE). The articles document collaborative Canadian and international research partnerships; focus on the use of digital technologies to support collaborative student work in teacher education programs; investigate specific issues regarding the use of digital technology in teacher education programs; and highlight a web-based collaborative workspace designed to promote learning within an online community. This special issue shows how educational technologies can be creatively incorporated into teacher education programs, which is an especially relevant topic during this pivot to remote teaching.

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