Frustration can often be stagnating, but it can also encourage action, change, and lead to hope
Schmitz, K.C., Cotnam-Kappel, M., & Grant, N. (2020). Infiltrating, interrupting, investigating: Radical youth pedagogy in education. DIO Press.

From the silencing of Indigenous cultures, to the legislation of gendered pedagogy, we are frustrated by educational spaces overshadowed by robotic pedagogy and curriculum that continually fails to recognize the cultures that already exist in those spaces, perhaps most notably, youth culture. The contributions within this volume speak deeply about the radical potentials, challenges, and hopes of a youth-focussed and/or led pedagogy in education. Radical youth pedagogy means interrupting the silences, exclusions, patterns of dominance and status quo practices of pedagogy, policy, curriculum, and assessment. It means infiltrating with artful and arts-based thinking, writing, production, and practice in ways that connect youth to curriculum, their surroundings, and each other in positive and transformative ways. It also means investigating educator practices, approaches, and even school structures to better support youth in education and throughout their lives. The timing of this work is especially relevant as we reimagine education during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with regards to the newfound role(s) of educational technology as a mitigating factor on teaching and learning, teacher professionalism, and broader societal outcomes.

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