Designing meaningful professional learning partnership programs for tech integration in schools
Hartman, D.K., White, A., Morsink, P.M., Hagerman, M.S., Woodruff, C., Lewis, C. (2019). The design of a decade-long school-university professional development collaborative: Implications for the integration of ICTs in school settings. Pedagogical Dialogue, 4(30), 26-36. Retrieved from ПД№4(30) 2019.pdf (49837208)
Early in my career as a doctoral student, I was invited to co-design a professional learning program for and with teacher colleagues who were thinking critically about the ways that they were integrating digital tools to support student learning in their classrooms. For several years, I worked with these teachers and with researchers, Douglas K. Hartman and Paul Morsink to craft a program of supports that included layered connections over time focused on teachers’ self-identified and ever-changing needs. A decade after we ran our first teacher in-service program, we teamed up to offer insights about what really matters for teacher professional learning with technology. In this article -- published in English and translated to Russian and Kazakh, we show how long-term, collaborations led by teachers and situated in teachers’ own school context, are key to successful school-university partnerships. Fundamentally, what matters are the relationships built over time and that allow all stakeholders to understand one another, and to identify shared points of connection that can advance meaningful learning in service of students.

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